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لوگو دایا تجهیز طب شمال دایموتک

Daimotech is an engineering company that is pioneer in producing special dental equipment which has achieved significant amount of success in research, development and production since 2012.
​​​​​​​Our aim is to level up the quality of the medical and dental devices also we are beyond honored to say that we could grab a share in order to faciliate treatment difficulties in a way that is compatible with international standards

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About Daimotech

کیت بنکس Benex دندانپزشکی برای استخراج ریشه دندان دایا تجهیز طب شمال دایموتک

Benex is manufactured in a way that extraction of a dental root became easier than ever. also working With Benex minimizes the amount of invasion towards dental tissue and has a high sense of safety. using the vertical extraction method it helps making best condition for immediate implant.

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Benex Pro​​​​​​​

The Bitex pen is designed and produced by Dymotech company in order to extract and manage broken tools. The working method of this device is a loop needle, with the help of which all types of broken files can be removed in all areas of the tooth canal. With the help of this pen, removing broken files during the root treatment process will no longer be challenging and exhausting; Because Bitex is here to minimize the difficulties of managing the broken file in the root channel.

BTEX Gold Edition

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قلم بیتکس Btex برای استخراج فایل شکسته مدیریت فایل شکسته دایا تجهیز طب شمال دایموتک

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