In this video you can see how the combination of innovation and the technology is applied in BENEX device. Also the video explains the benefits of using this device briefly.

The Advantages of using Daimotech BENEX device

In this video a practitioner is using BENEX for extracting the patient’s tooth and you’ll see this process is pain free and minimizes the amount of bleeding or trauma the patient should bear.

Extracting tooth using BENEX

BENEX Case Report 

In this case you’ll see the process of extracting a tooth with Daimotech BENEX device. Without causing any tissue damaging and minimizing the procedure trauma you see how well this device does its job.

The patient has a fractured upper canine and in this case using forceps are not recommended duo to the possibility of damaging bone. In this case you can see how BENEX solve this critical condition step by step without causing any hurt or damage.

Extraction of broken upper canine with BENEX

Using BENEX manufactured by DAIMOTECH to extract a tooth

The opinion of the expert dentist with 1o years of experience using BENEX

 Atraumatic tooth extraction

In this video you’ll see a tooth extraction that has performed by BENEX. It’s been an atraumatic process that also minimizes pain and tooth bleeding thus it’s the best condition for dentist to do immediate implantation.

In this video Mr. Mostofi is telling us his ten years experience of using BENEX device. He mentioned that using BENEX is the best way to minimize the tissue damages.

Extracting molar tooth with split technique using BENEX

Tooth extraction and immediate implantation with BENEX

Reduce the amount of damage to the tooth tissue and the trauma caused by tooth extraction with the BENEX device. This device also provides an excellent condition for performing the immediate implant process. In this video, you’ll see that the dentist simply places the fixture immediately after extracting the tooth with the BENEX device.

In this video extraction of a molar tooth with BENEX device is shown. The whole process is completely atrumatic and has the least damage that is possible.

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